Action Anime In 2015

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Top 10 action anime of 2015 best recommendations 1 one punch man 2 jojo stardust crusaders 2nd season 3 fate stay night unlimited blade works 4 mobile suit gundam iron blooded orphans 5 noragami aragoto 6 overlord 7 dungeon ni deai wo motomeru no wa machigatteiru darouka . 16 junjou romantica 3 mal rated 822 ranked 278 aired summer 2015 produced by studio deen watch on funimation hulu animelab junjou romantica is the most successful bl themed anime to date its no wonder that the third season which covers the third year of misaki and akihikos relationship did so well. A list of all japanese new anime releases announced for the winter 2014 2015 season january 2015 with descriptions pictures trailers and reviews. Aired july 4 2015 september 19 2015 this is the second part of the second season of popular anime durarara which takes places two years after the event from the first season the story focuses on the underground dealings of tokyos ikebukuro district and the weird characters that conduct them. 11 best action anime to watch recommendations 11 best action anime to watch recommendations by 2015 saucy in the best psychological anime reply january 4 2016 i also would have put full metal alchemist brotherhood thats the best anime for me action ever reply february 21 2016 angga wow this is amazing my love

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