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I simply want to have an ico file that has multiple sizes of the icon image contained within it id like it for use in a cross platform desktop application so that eg on windows the 16x16 size is used for the apps top bar but a 32x32 size version is used when the various open apps are shown when using alt tab. Free desktop wallpapers and screensavers directory we welcome you to our desktop customization website to present collection of free screensavers desktop wallpaperss animation themes and backgrounds for your computer at desktoplandcom. What do the icons in the following screen capture mean the icons are from subclipse an svn plugin for eclipse im not asking about the base file icons i know those html file and java source file. On windows 7 pro i have changed both icons for the recycling bin full and empty to ones i prefer but when the bin is empty and i put a file in it the icon only changes to the one for a full bin . Background several programs modifiy the icons in explorere to indicate a state synched etc it is a known fact that windows win7 win8 win10 can only handle a limited amount of such icons 15 and there are several related questions fehere these overlay icons are registered in the registry in the branch

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