Anime Genre Romance Comedy Shoujo

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Shoujo romance anime are the perfect anime for a light hearted time with that said there are so many out there that have been released over many decades its easy to find a terrible shoujo romance anime and throw the whole genre out the window dont let one bad egg spoil the rest. Shoujo anime tend to aim for a target audience of younger women often including romance as a large aspect of the show however shoujo can also combine with most every genre out there including historical comedy or action. Most of the time shoujo anime works hand in hand with the romance and comedy genre particularly with the former the protagonist is traditionally female and the narrative focuses on romance as well as personal growth. Top 15 best shoujo anime of all time shoujo is one of the most recognizable genres in anime world but how much do you really know about it as a genre romance has been one of the few constants in anime history fashions and styles may change but love stories always find their way onto the schedule but finding a great one is a lot

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