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The task kobato needs to complete encompasses the themes of fantasy and romance so this anime was a natural choice for this list kobato is indeed an inspiration taking a lot of time and care into making others happy and whole this fantasy romance anime is lovely and heartwarming. Amazing romance action fantasy some tear jerkers i tend to really like animes that have strong fantasy magical themes along with romance and action so these are my absolute favorite ps most have hotties in them i also not that big into exaggerated humor so these are balanced well with seriousness. Weve compiled this top 10 fantasy anime list by finding anime that have best managed to combined incredible stories with incredible places there is everything you could want in this anime lots of humour action adventure a pretty good story and the characters are all funny and endearing top 10 supernatural romance anime updated . Songs used different heaven my heart tobu hope before people start asking i never put the list of my choice in the description theres a reason for that i work extremely hard on doing

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