Japanese Anime Voice Actors List

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Since anime is such a deep and powerful industry you can imagine the need and competition of extremely talented voice actors however most people never really think about the people behind the voices of their favorite anime characters. This is a list of the voice actors who have appeared in the japanese version of the pokmon anime and animated shorts made for the games. Speaking of anime characters anime fans are all aware that their voices are being dubbed by voice actors and these voice actors are called seiyuu in japanese language being a seiyuu is a nice job given the fact that voice acting in japan is widespread because it is the country where anime originates. 25 anime voice actors behind league of legends japan ami koshimizu as ahri makoto tsumura as amumu rie kugimiya as annie aya endou as ashe hiroshi naka as braum satoshi hino as ezreal junko minagawa as fiora sumire uesaka as jinx nobutoshi canna as kogmaw ayako kawasumi as leona . Best anime voice actors interactive top ten list at thetoptens vote add to or comment on the best anime voice actors

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