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Directory characters villains former villains dragon team android 18 18 jinzningen j hachi g lit artificial human no 18 lazuli razuri when she was an ordinary human is the twin sister of android 17 and dr geros eighteenth android creation designed to serve geros. Goku wielding the spirit bombs energy in dragon ball z super android 13 krillin says that goku cannot gather the energy while in his super saiyan state this is because the super saiyan transformation is inherently malicious and taints the heart and soul. Mai is the right hand of emperor pilaf and a member of the pilaf gang in the dragon ball franchise she is a spy and treasure hunter who works alongside her partner a ninja dog named shu of the three villains mai is the most competent showing skill in computers gadgetry and gunwielding. The simple fact that this episode started the third season with bait and switch credits meant to make the viewer think that the garlic jr saga is going to be played out in fullonly for garlic jr and his flunkies try to mess with mr popo the viewer is likely to figure out theyre joke credits when two shots emphasize marons breasts and ass. Watch cartoons online watch anime online english dub anime dubbed anime list

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